Custom Designs

Fittings & Valves Engineering & Design

As a long time manufacturer of hydraulic fttings, SK-LOK specializes in custom design requirements. Our experience in specialty fttings & valves design ensures you select the right type of fitting for your application. From the initial idea concept, through design development, and final part production, SK-LOK offers the support and expertise you need to complete your project.




Engineering Capabilities

●Work with OEM engineers and product managers to design parts that fit their hydraulic application
●Designs & solid models are compatible with most other formats
●In-house tool design and production
●EDM machine/process
●Fully Integrated CAD/CAM: More consistent programs and applications, significantly reduces set up time




Research & Development

Qualification testing to industry standards
●Cyclic endurance (impulse) testing Static pressure testing
●Salt spray testing
●Gravimetric cleanliness testing
●Torque coefficient testing




Collaborative Team of Engineers

●Decades of experience & knowledge
●All types of applications, requirements, and timelines


Have a unique or intricate hydraulic application that requires a custom or special ftting? Contactus and we'll get to work.